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An old Master makes his way through the vast expanse of antique China with his pupil, who is determined to discover the secret of life, by his side. Their journey takes them across lush pastures and scorched deserts, perilous mountain peaks and the gentle sloping hills of farming valleys... One day the young boy meets and falls deeply in love with a girl...

The novel is now available as eBook with the original text and illustrations by Chao-Hsiu Chen

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This novel, first published in Germany, soon made it’s debut in countries across Europe including England, Spain, Italy and Croatia, to name but a few. Regardless of country, the book has repeatedly received high acclaim for it’s ability to touch the hearts of all who read it. Critics have commonly compared ‘The Master’ of Chao-Hsiu Chen with the poetic wisdom found in Khalil Gibran’s ‘Prophet’, with the story of Paolo Coehlo’s ‘The Alchemist’, the fascination of Antoine de Saint-Exupèry’s ‘The little Prince’ and with the charm of Hermann Hesse’s ‘Siddharta’. The novel is now available as an e-book with the original text and illustrations by the author.
In the book readers are challenged to discover the great wisdom that each one of us carries within, and through this to find the treasure of life. It shows that the desire to find love, happiness or success has no boundaries or time limits, that regardless of age, century or gender, we are all seeking wether we realise it or not. This desire often has no destination, but in the ‘The Master’ one discovers a place beyond all time and space.
”If one understands the earth’s law then one knows that each of us needs help sometimes...without help we cannot survive. In the same manner, it is only by helping others that we can live a full life.”...The pupil watched how the Master turned and slowly disappeared behind the thick walls of rain, until he had completely vanished from sight... He knew where his path would lead him...
One day the young boy meets and falls deeply in love with a girl who, just as he feels like giving up, provides him with the strength to carry on, “... I want to give you, but my love. And love means allowing the one you love to live their life … Love is always there, even when it appears to be absent,”

Readers may join him on his adventure and share in the wisdom he discovers along the way, whilst also allowing themselves to be entertained by a wonderful story.
There are many good critics in Europe on this book, just few examples:
“…spellbinds the reader, above all through the poetry of the language.” (Ab 40 Magazine)
“The Master can be compared with literary works such as Hermann Hesse’s Siddharta, as well as other classic novels…” (Spuren Magazine) Click to buy

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