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Chao Hsiu Chen With Jutta Speidel

With Jutta Speidel and Bruno Maccallini... Courage is basically my life's theme. Maybe I'm an actress, in which people say is: what are the trusts that I can take a model.

Chao Hsiu Chen With Reinhold Messner

With Reinhold Messner... "One does not climb to attain enlightenment, rather one climbs because he is enlightened."    — Zen Master
Chao Hsiu Chen with Mario Adorf

With Mario Adorf...The 80 is for me no terrors number. There is a number like the 60 it already was, and the 70th. A number, after which it goes on, just a lot less...

Chao Hsiu Chen with Jose' Carreras

With Jose' Carreras...Yes, you must have the courage of being free...
Chao Hsiu Chen with Luciano De Crescenzo

With Luciano De Crescenzo...La lunghezza effettiva della vita e' data dal numero dei giorni diversi che un individuo riesce a vivere, quelli uguali non contano...The real length of life is the sum of special days you live, all others do not count...


Chao Hsiu Chen With ShaoLin Monk WuQinXi Master

With Shaolin Monk WuQinXi Master...The real strength of Shao Lin Kung Fu is in helping others...

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