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The Master

  The novel is now available as eBook with the original text and illustrations by Chao-Hsiu Chen
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Song of Hope

  Three women in three generations struggle with love and pain through times of great political upheaval in China.
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Enlightenment brings happiness.

In the West as well as in the East, people are constantly in search of happiness and freedom. People from all walks of life may use different means in an attempt to attain these things, but they invariably come to the same conclusion: that they lie neither in material things nor in fleeting moments of emotion. Some people try to find them through various spiritual practices whilst others opt to avoid the reality of everyday life. Buddha discovers them through deep meditation in an effort to free oneself and thus find enlightenment. Lao Zi, the great Master of Tao, upholds the practice of becoming one with the Universe, and through it the ability to recognize the minds power to find freedom and happiness. Confucius teaches that deep thought and constant reflection of oneself allows us to meet all matters and beings at the golden mean, thus enabling us to free ourselves from all pain and suffering.

The study of these three great Masters shows the way to happiness. I hope that people will find these teachings in my works, and that they will help others to find the right path, as well as helping those who are already on their way, to enter deeper into these secrets.



Chao-Hsiu Chen


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