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The Master

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Lessons for Life

Readers may find important LESSONS FOR LIFE in “The Master”, which satisfy the most frequently asked questions about life. To name just a few examples:

What is Love:

“Love is always there, even when it appears to be absent. love means allowing the one you love to ...”

What is a Friend:

“The true worth of a friendship only reveals itself once it is no longer possible to ...”

What is Life:

“The path of life is like that of the water... We live, pass on, transform and return according to the same laws. The river of change runs through us. Each of us remains but ...”

What is Death:

“There is no last death in life; things simply take a different shape. Leaves fall from the tree and become earth, which in turn helps ... The dead allow us to see how precious all life is. That is why death is ...”

What is Joy:

“Real joy is giving. Rightful giving is true understanding. True understanding awakens in the ...“

In the book an old Master makes his way through the vast expanse of antique China with his pupil, who is determined to discover the secret of life, by his side. Their journey takes them across lush pastures and scorched deserts, perilous mountain peaks and the gentle sloping hills of farming valleys... One day the young boy meets and falls deeply in love with a girl...

This novel is now available as eBook with the original text and illustrations by Chao-Hsiu Chen. Click here to buy the eBook in Amazon.

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Song of Hope

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Three women in three generations struggle with love and pain through times of great political upheaval in China...
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Chao Hsiu Chen Books

Fiction: Love grows hope as long as we live

Since American author Peral S. Buck began to write about China, Westerners have always shown a great interest in the subject.
Meanwhile there are countless books on China, but how many of these does one have to read in order to get a real understanding for the country and its people? How do I make Westerners understand Chinese strength, or how for us hope grows out of love? How do I explain the deep Chinese sense of family, or how a Chinese man decides when faced with the choice between death and honor? I hope that “Song of Hope”, a family saga, will help readers to discover the answers to all these questions in a mixture of tears and happiness.

Non fiction: Live in harmony to love and be loved

Modern life finds a way to offer us something new every day, yet we are suffering from more stress than ever before. What are we doing wrong in our lives? Chinese philosophy and wisdom can help us to find inner peace. The ancient Chinese teachings of Feng Shui and its theory of the five elements can help us to live in harmony with ourselves and with others and enable us to be loved, to be welcomed and to return these feeling to others. These secrets may be found in my non-fiction books.


Inspiration: The treasure of life

Years ago as I was studying with a Master in a Buddhist temple, I met a man who had left home to become a monk. He was one of many searching for the treasure of life and had not found it in material things. He learnt the art of
meditation, learnt how to chant and pray, worked in the vegetable garden and cleaned the temple. I don’t know whether he ever found his treasure of life, but he was always content and had an air of tranquility about him. Buddhism shows people how to treasure every single day and all the people that come into our lives. It teaches that the treasure of life is to be found everywhere.
How often do we ask ourselves what the meaning of life is or what we are doings with our lives? Why can’t we find the happiness we dream of? Life is an open circle with constant ups and downs, how do we find the strength to stand it? These questions wander through my mind and are a great source of inspiration for my books.

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