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The Master

  The novel is now available as eBook with the original text and illustrations by Chao-Hsiu Chen
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Song of Hope

  Three women in three generations struggle with love and pain through times of great political upheaval in China.
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Love lives in your daily life


My country is my home

In Taiwan most families have an altar in their home on which Buddha statues and their ancestor’s memorial tablets are venerated. Most people follow the Chinese tradition of donating prayers, fresh flowers and incense sticks, which they place on the altar every morning. My own family also respects and practices this custom. At special festivals such as Chinese New Year, it is customary to reserve a seat at the dinner table for our ancestors so that they stay alive in our memory.
Since my childhood I have always been taught:
“My country is my home, my home is my country. I am my home, my home is me.
I respect my parents and I respect the parents of others.
I love my children and I love the children of others.
I respect life and death.“
Later I discovered that these were the Confucians teachings, and that they have lived on in the heart of many Chinese families.

The way to happiness

If a westerner were to come to me and asks what the strongest characteristic of Chinese is, there is one answer that immediately springs to mind, “Their sense of family”. What binds the Chinese people? What lies behind the Nation’s strength? What maintains harmony in Chinese society? The answer to all these questions is “the sense of family”. This too is deeply rooted in Confucious’ teachings, in Lao Zi’s philosophy and in Buddha’s wisdom and is beyond religious belief. Not all Chinese people are Buddhists or Taoists, there are also many Christians and Muslims, yet regardless of creed, they all grow up to above all believe in “the sense of family”. Only the right thoughts can lead to the right feelings, and only the right feelings can lead to the right happiness. The right happiness lies in the heart of everybody just waiting to be discovered.
I hope that my work will enable many people to find their inner happiness.


Chao-Hsiu Chen

ChineseSense of Family

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